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Most actions and effects achieved through the use of magic can be divided and categorized into one Elemental dominion, which indicates the region of influence. The seven Elements are Nature, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Spirit.

Physical and Ethereal

The first four Elements can be grouped into a category of their own: the "Physical Elements", while the last three are collectively known as the "Ethereal Elements".

Physical Elements

The Physical Elements, as the name suggests, governs realms of nature and the physical world, and have little to no influence on more mental, psychological, or similar types of enchantment. Nature, Water, Fire, and Earth are the four Physical Elements.

Ethereal Elements

The Ethereal Elements are quite the opposite; their effects can be more profound and have wider range of usages in different situations. Light, Darkness, and Spirit are the three Ethereal Elements.


Over the long and convoluted history of magic, users have often attempted to prove that certain Elements are superior or inferior to others; thus, many and varying hierarchies have been established. However, in the early 26th century, superological studies have proven that such hierarchies are highly questionable in regards as to their authenticity or reliability. Subsequently, the argument persists that no definite measure of superiority or inferiority can be established so long as a staggering amount of external factors remain, making it impossible to truly calculate the value or power of any given Element.

The Seven Elements

Name Crest Description
Nature Nature The Element of Nature encompasses dual areas of influence that most tend to overlook. Beside the obvious control over plant-life and similar material, Nature also includes air and sky-related aspects such as the wind, electricity, and a substantial portion of weather-related factors.
Water Water Naturally, the Element of Water includes all of its aspects and forms as well as its default liquid state. This includes ice, snow, steam, etc. and various (mostly negative) temperature related abilities.
Fire Fire The Element of Fire extends beyond that of simple governance of ignition and combustion and can include materials such as molten substances, smoke, ash, and other derivatives of Fire itself. Similar to the Element of Water, Fire is also intrinsically related to (mostly positive) temperature-based powers.
Earth Earth The Element of Earth includes control over all manners of stone, dirt, metals, as well as planetary forces such as gravity.
Light Light The Element of Light holds obvious dominance over all conceivable aspects of light itself, but also includes within its 'jurisdiction' certain telepathic, telekinetic, and psychological powers. A rarely recognized fact is that science itself is an aspect of the Element of Light, rather than a contradiction of magic.
Darkness Darkness The Element of Darkness encompasses a wide range of abilities of a decidedly macabre nature. Certain emotions such as fear and madness prevail; death is also a common, recurring theme among Darkness users, aside from the usual powers over shadows and other more basic factors.
Spirit Spirit The Element of Spirit extends its reach over life itself, and includes powers of strength, durability, speed, etc. Mental and various imagination-based powers are also at their strongest here.

The Evergen

Main article: Evergen

The Evergen are seven creatures of great power who each serve as living protectors of every Element. They reside in the Everworld, and for all intents and purposes are physical incarnations and manifestations of their respective Element, and are capable of wielding that Element in its entirety. The maintenance of each Element and the capability of all other Elemental magic users relies upon their survival, as their existence is parallel to the well-being of their Element as a whole.

The shavehdeen

Main article: The Seven Shrines

Within the Seven Shrines are enormous crystals that house an immense amount of magical energy, each of which are also attuned to one of the Seven Elements. These crystals, called shavehdeen, are remnants of the original magical energy that resulted from the Evergen's impact on Gloph after emerging from Chaos.

Achopz Elements.png Name Goddess Evergen Chosen race Zodiac animal Gemstone Chosen planet
Nature Nature Afira Airaf Arafnira Arbois Phoenix Emerald Arianor Sanis
Water Water Ulissa Alsius Iarnag Merran Serpent Sapphire Suiranor Taane
Fire Fire Rhonra Narohr Airabrok Therman Urkus Ruby Rhoranor Amnor
Earth Earth Larona Norala Nahgiac Geossian Alion Topaz Alaranor Rozran
Light Light Nuxa Unax Nosbah Lumirian Roc Diamond Xaanor Ayaveth
Darkness Darkness Sonturie Nietsrout Nietsila Shade Dragon Amethyst Steinanor Sinni
Spirit Spirit Veyerni Neirevy Rohrevy Paran Griffin Garnet Yveanor Nija